The Easy Star Quilt that Wasn't Easy

by Patti McLain Fulton

I took this class several years ago. The pattern was called Easy Star Sampler. Well, it wasn’t. Since I’m always slow while working my quilts, I had the advantage of hearing all of the comments (some including tears and swear words). So, when a very experienced friend of mine said that putting the blocks on point was too hard, I decided not to do that. When the beautiful ribbon border brought another very experienced quilter to tears, I decided not to do that either. So, I just did a straight set with sashing and cornerstones. Then the quiltop just sat for a few years.

When Jackie began her long-arm business, I decided that this was the time to finish that quilt. Well, Jackie and I spent about six hours on the phone choosing the quilting patterns. It was well worth it. The quilting that Jackie did truly makes the quilt. It is so gorgeous. Without the quilting it would be just another sampler. A fellow quilter asked me why we chose to quilt it using a barn red color. My response was, “So the quilting shows up”. I love this quilt because of the wonderful job that Jackie did. I would highly recommend her to quilt your quilts.