Ghoul's Rule

by Mary Larkin

This quilt was made for my Godchild, Sarah Anne, for her 10th Birthday. Sarah was so into the Monster High Craze that she had over thirty different dolls from the Monster High Collection. Knowing this, I decided to make her a one-of-a-kind quilt. A friend air-brushed Sarah’s favorite dolls onto muslin squares. I took colors from the clothing of each doll and chose a different block pattern to compliment the doll’s colorfulness.

Knowing Jackie Iglehart’s creative nature, I asked Jackie to do the longarm quilting of the top. Since I knew Sarah loved to cuddle in her blankets, I wanted to make this quilt soft and fluffy. Jackie was so helpful sending me different samples of quilting techniques and suggestions. When the day came to pick up the quilt I was so happy and impressed with the results.

I gave the quilt to Sarah Anne at her birthday party. Of course all of her girlfriends were into Monster High as well, and when Sarah and her friends saw the quilt, they all start jumping and screaming how lucky Sarah was to have this special quilt. I guess you know she was the envy of her friends, wishing they could have one too.

Sarah told me that she would always keep this quilt even when she grows up.