Bobby's Memorial T-Shirt Quilt

by Dottie D.

was inspired by “T-Shirt Quilts Made Easy” by Martha Deleonardis , AQS Publishing. It is a modified “Safari Sashed” quilt. Be sure to use a Teflon sheet and wet pressing cloth for fusing your T-shirts, and save some of the t-shirt cut off to fuse pictures made with Fusible Fabric and your inkjet printer.

T shirts need to be longarm quilted due to the fusible used to prevent stretching while sewing and assembling. Jackie of Silver Forest Quilts worked on this quilt to personalize Bobby’s love of Cars with the Car pattern coming and going. She is a great resource for choosing patterns and threads to make the colors pop, and does a great job. She checks to be sure to accommodate the customer’s vision of the finished product.