EDGE TO EDGE QUILTING:   A design that is quilted continuously across the whole quilt. The design crosses the piecing and unifies the quilt with one color thread and one pattern, resulting in a lovely and budget-friendly quilt. Ranges from $.017 to $.035 per square inch, based upon the complexity of the design and whether you want the quilting tighter or more open.  Whether computerized or free motion, I can make a quilting design any size you want.

LIGHT CUSTOM QUILTING:  Custom quilting consists of different individual motifs placed strategically on the quilt top to enhance the beauty of your handiwork.  Perhaps the interior section of the quilt might be an edge-to-edge design with the border treated separately.  Or perhaps you might choose 2 or more block designs to be interchanged.  Multiple colors of thread can be used to complement the fabrics.  Ranges from $.04 to $.07 per square inch.  

CUSTOM QUILTING:  Ranges from $.05 to $.10 per square inch, for quilting that includes quilts with border treatments, block patterns, sashing (anything other than 100% edge-to-edge quilting).

Most quilting services are priced by the square inch and have a range depending on the complexity and density of the quilting.  To calculate an estimate of the quilting labor charges, multiply length of your top X width of your top. Then multiply that number by the price per inch that is listed for the service you are considering. 

Example:   90 x 75 = 6750  then  6750 x .02 = $135

(L” x W” = sq” then sq” x price = total quilting labor cost)

For a more detailed estimate, please call or email us and we’ll be happy to assist you!

MITERED BINDING:    We Make Binding from your fabric – $.10 per inch.  (Perimeter of quilt plus 20”.  Multiply that number by the price of the services you’d like.)

                   We machine sew binding to front of quilt – $.05 per inch

                   We hand finish binding to back – $.20 per inch

SEAMING: $10.00

SHIPPING:   Actual shipping charges, plus insurance and/or tracking.  UPS Ground or USPS Priority unless otherwise requested.

PAYMENT:   50% deposit with balance due in full at time of pickup or prior to return shipping.  Paypal, Cash  and personal checks accepted.

RUSH SERVICE: A rush service charge of 25% may be applied at customer’s request for faster service during holiday seasons.

Not included in the quilting prices are: batting backing, binding, pressing, seaming, etc. Silver Forest Quilts is not responsible for folds in fabric due to fullness of piecing.  If your quilt has a problem with extra fullness, I will call to discuss it with you first.

There is a $50.00 minimum charge for quilting alone on all orders.  Thread, batting, etc. would be in addition.


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