Christmas Joy

by Sandy Keith

However, when the quilt came back it was not only quilted beautifully and just as I wished, but it was done in metallic thread. Jackie later told me that because I’d wanted metallic so badly that she just plain put her mind to learning how to use it. She must have figured it out because the quilt is just beautiful and is put out at Christmas for all to enjoy. I don’t even care if they snuggle up in it. That’s what my quilts are made for!

    This is the first quilt, in all my many quilting years, that I have set on an angle and I have to say it made me crazy at times. However, it turned out lovely and of all the quilts I’ve made, is one of the few I’ve kept because it turned out so pretty. I wanted the quilt quilted in gold metallic and when Jackie called to say metallic was difficult to work with, we made another plan.