Fifty Shades of Gray

by Kate S.

It all started with a senior day outing in the winter of 2011. My husband, Ed, wanted to stop at Skies Unlimited to return a telescope. Since we were in the neighborhood, we also stopped at Generations Quilt shop. Ed walked around the store and found the pattern, “Cog Wheels”, and said he’d like to have it. Bought it and brought it home to sit for a year. Then one cold winter night in 2012, I made up two color pallets from my stash and presented them to Ed for a choice. He choose the grays. Work was steady at first. Gardening took over most of my free work time. Getting ready for the Valley Forge Homestead Quilt Show also pushed in for its time.

Life filled in the blanks. The top was almost together when we decided to buy a new platform bed in the spring of 2013. Good thing I’m a slow sewer! I made sure the quilt would not hang down too far on this new bed. While on vacation in the Finger Lakes in the fall, we found a quilt shop that just happened to have wide backing fabric at a great price. Ed picks the backing and we can now call it Ed’s quilt. After completing the top, it was off to see Jackie for the quilting. We anguished at the computer looking at patterns only to arrive at Jackie’s house to see a quilt with just the design we both wanted. The quilt and the bed are a perfect match!

Note from Jackie: A special thanks to Dane Decor of Downingtown PA for so generously allowing me to photograph Kate and Ed’s quilt in their amazing store.