Lena's Garden

by Mary Larkin

Of course I agreed and when it was finished, Jackie sent me pictures of the quilt.

I was in such awe as to the beauty of each block, but also to how she used an echo technique, shadowed and quilted each Sun Bonnet Sue. Exquisite, magnificent is not enough to describe Lena’s quilt.

When I named the quilt Lena’s Garden, Jackie took the extra step and photographed the quilt in a garden setting which made the quilt a beauty of its own. I am going to have a canvas picture made from her photo to treasure forever. Thank you Jackie.

    I started embroidering Sun Bonnet Sue blocks so that I would have a project when I went to the Guild Bee’s, not sure what I was going to make with them. As I progressed, these embroidered blocks reminded me of my great niece, Alena, who is 20 months old and so sweet and dainty. I decided I would make a quilt for her, but I wanted to add blocks of pastel fabric to compliment the Sun Bonnet Sue blocks. As you can see I pieced this top and called it “Lena’s Garden”.

    The most wonderful thing came about when I asked Jackie if she would long-arm quilt the top. Jackie not only took the time to show me different designs but asked if she could try some more elaborate quilting to my top.